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SignPlex, Anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet; waterproof, does not decompose, does not corrode, is not affected by snow and rain. It is resistant to temperatures between -4F to + 110F. It is resistant to grease, acids, and other chemicals and corrosion, it has sound absorption and sound insulation, heat insulation, and heat protection features.

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SignPlex Usage  AREAS

It is possible to obtain an extraordinary three-dimensional effect with our letters using relief letters, screen printing, advertising signage background, exhibition and stand panels, halo channel letters, orientation sheets, interior, and exterior decoration applications.



Has the ability to adhere to all floors such as canvas, plexiglass, polycarbonate, composite, panel, aluminum and marble, glass, and mirror. It can be used with studs, silicone, and double-sided tape bonding. Perfect for CNC Router cutting.

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