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Silicone Edge Graphics (SEG), SEG Light Boxes, SEG Fabric Frames

Very stylish aluminum frame and printed on special tension fabric at the highest resolution. Single or double sided. Ceiling or Foor mouth options. Durable and lightweight. Fastest turnaround time in industry.


We have started seeing this in events, trade shows, and stores for a while. We do dye-sublimated print on fabric and we sew a thin silicone strip on the edges of the print. this strip is inserted into the frame. The frame is made of aluminum, and it can be sized any size up to 10’x30′. And result: You have a very beautiful frameless graphic with back-lighted or without light, very vibrant colors.

Freestanding, wall mounting, or ceiling hanging options are available.

Very simple setup. 

Mounting OPTIONS

Ceiling Mount
Floor Mounting
Wall Mount

Available SIZES

Custom Framing is the nature of the SEG Graphics any size is available. 36×48 to 30feetx10 feet with one pcs graphic.

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